Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Horse Found Dead on Eastern Highway Mulund Airoli Junction

Mr Dharnendra Sahgvi from mulund karuna trust riches on the spot and called navghar police and within 5 minutes police cops came and informed T ward Disaster Management and Mahesh Parmar from T ward came with DUMPER and FORKLIFT picked up body of horse it may 500 to 600 kg and send it to devnar dumping

1BHK for Sale at Mulund West, Mumbai

મુલુન્ડ (વેસ્ટ) વેચાણથી   ફૂલી ફર્નિશ રેડી પઝેશન  1 BHK, હાયર ફ્લોર, લિફ્ટ છે, એટેચ બાથરૂમ, ૪૬૦ ચોરસફૂટ કાર્પેટ,  અંબાજીધામ મંદિર પાસે,  સ્ટ...