Sunday, December 6, 2015


Commuters & vehicles juggle to avoid accident as a manhole cover of culvert at PK Road & Ambedkar Road has broken since past week. This particular junction leads to Priyadarshni Park Complex [kalidas] & Sonar Bangla Garden & is densly congested with hawkers particularly during night time & witnesses heavy traffic at peak hours.

NAMO Team will win the Navi Mumbai Sports Association Election

શિલ્પા કેનિયાની નમો પેનલનો નવી મુંબઇ સ્પોર્ટ્સ એસોસિએશનની ચૂંટણીમાં વિજય નિશ્ચિત Shilpa Keniya Nominee with NAMO panel confirms victory in...