Thursday, May 14, 2015

Following IPS officers promoted & Transfer to the rank of DIG and given new assignment

1) 👮P. R. Dighavkar, DCP Traffic Mumbai to ➡Addl. C.P. Mumbai

2) 👮M. S. Lohiya,  S.P. Pune Rural to ➡Addl. C.P. Mumbai

3) 👮R. P. Sengaonkar, Principal PTS Khandala to ➡C.P. Solapur

4) 👮S. K. Tarwade, Addl. C.P. Nagpur to ➡Addl. C.P., Pune

5)👮 Abdur Rehman, Addl. C.P. Pune to ➡DIG Wireless, Pune

6) 👮Krishnaprakash, Addl. C.P. Mumbai to ➡DIG CID Crime, Pune

7) 👮F. K. Patil, Addl. C.P. New Mumbai to ➡Addl. C.P., Mumbai

8)👮 R. S. Khaire, DIG, CID Pune to ➡DIG, ATS Pune

9) 👮P. N. Raskar, C.P. Solapur to➡ Addl. C.P., Pune

10) 👮S. S. Solunke, Addl. C.P. Pune to➡ C.P. Amravati

11) 👮V. R. Chauhan, Addl. C.P. Mumbai to ➡Addl. C.P. New Mumbai

12)👮 C. G. Daithankar, Addl. C.P. Pune to ➡Addl. C.P. Nagpur

13)👮 Quaiser Khalid, Addl. C.P. Traffic Mumbai to➡ Addl. C.P. Mumbai

14) 👮Kishor Jadhav, Addl. C.P. Mumbai to➡ Addl. C.P. ACB Mumbai

15) 👮Chhering Dorjee, Addl. C.P. East Region to ➡Addl. C.P. West Region Mumbai

16) 👮V. N. Jadhav, DIG Mah. State Security Corp. to ➡Addl. C.P. Mumbai

📝👮List of Promotion of IPS & Transfer of IPS in Maharashtra 📝🚨

🚨📝List 1/14
1) KG Patil DCP HQ-II Mumbai to DCP Thane
2) MK Bhosle DCP EOW Thane City to DC SID Pune
3) MB Tambade DCP Zone-I Pune City to SP CID Pune
4) SR Dighavkar SP Buldhana to SRPF G-XI Navi Mumbai
5) V. Prabhu SP Amravati Rural to SP Solapur(R)
6) Sharada Raut DCP HQ-I Mumbai to SP Palghar
7) SB Phulari SP MPA Nasik to SP Sangli

🚨📝 List 2/14
8)  DR Sawant SP Sangli to DCP Mumbai
9)  SD Yenpure DCP SB Navi Mumbai to Comdt. SRPF G-III Jalna
10) Rajeev Jain SP Chandrapur to SP ACB Nagpur
11) RS Mane DCP Zone III Pune to DC SID Pune
12) VB Deshmukh DCP MumbaiCity to DCP Nasik
13) Mahesh Patil DCP Zone-V Mumbai to DC SID Mumbai
14) Saurabh Tripathi ADC to H.E.Governor to SP A'ngr

🚨📝List 3/14
15) Vinita Sahu Addl SP Sindhudurg to SP Washim
16)  Niyati Thaker Addl SP Parbhani to SP Parbhani 
17) Ankit Goyal Addl SP Kolhapur to SP Wardha
18) Shailesh Balkawade Addl SP A’ngr to DCP Nagpur
19) Basavraj Teli, Addl SP A’bad to DCP Pune
20) P.P. Akkaneru Asst SP Hinganghat, Wardha to SP CID Pune

🚨📝List 4/14
21) A.J. Gaonkar Asst.SP Biloli Nanded to Addl.SP Parbhani
22) Pankaj Deshmukh Asst.SP Itwara Nanded to Addl.SP A’ngar
23) Manjunath Singe Asst.SP Amravati Rural to Addl.SP Gadchiroli
24) Mokshada Patil Asst.SP Peth to SDPO Jalgaon Rural
25) Pranay Ashok Asst.SP Parbhani to Addl. SP Gadchiroli

🚨📝List 5/14
26) Rakeshchandra Kalasagar, Asst.SP O’bad to Addl.SP Satara
27) S.Chaitanya Asst.SP to Addl.SP Kolhapur
28) Shreedhar G. Asst.SP Khamgaon, Buldhana to Addl.SP A’bad(R)
29) PB Sawant SP ATS Mumbai to DCP Mumbai
30) SM Waghmare DCP Nagpur to DCP Mumbai
31) DK Sakore Comdt.IRB Gr.XIV A’bad to DCP Pune
32) SG Diwan DCP Nasik to SP Chandrpur

🚨📝List 6/14
33) Manoj Patil, DCP Zone-IV Pune to Comdt. SRPF Gr.II Pune
34) SV Shintre DCP SB-I Mumbai to Comdt SRPF Gr- V Daund
35) RR Bansode DCP EOW Pune to Addl SP Shrirampur
36) Nitin Pawar Comdt SRPF Gr-VI Dhule to SP PCR A’bad
37) Sunil Bhardwaj Dy.Commr(Communal)SID Mumbai to SP PCR Nanded
38) Sheela Sail SP SPU SID Mumbai to DCP Mumbai

🚨📝 List 7/14
39) SG Wayse Patil SP CID Pune to SP PCR Kolhapur
40) SS Burse DCP Solapur to DCP Mumbai
41) SY Dhiware SP Spl Ops Nagpur to Addl SP Nanded
42) BK Rajput DCP Zone-XI Mumbai to DCP Solapur City
43) VG Magar Addl SP Pune Rural to Principal RPTS Solapur
44) SD Khadasane Addl SP Malegaon Nasik Rural to Addl SP Chandrapur

🚨📝List 8/14
45) RS Pardeshi Addl SP Baramati Pune Rural to Addl SP Akola
46) AS Tambe Addl SP Satara to Comdt SRPF Gr-I Pune
47) GB Dakhore Addl SP Yeotmal to Comdt. SRPF Gr-IX Amravati
48) BU Bhange Addl SP O’bad to DC SID Mumbai
49) RA Shinde Addl SP Gadchiroli to Addl SP Pune Rural
50) Sanjay Jadhav Addl SP Chandrapur to Addl SP Amravati(R)

🚨📝List 9/14
51) Nikesh Khatmode Addl SP Akola to Addl SP Malegaon
52) Tanaji Chikhle Addl SP Aheri to Addl SP Baramati
53) Rahul Shrirame Addl SP Aheri to DCP Navi Mumbai
54) PT Sonawane SP Wireless Nagpur to SP Wireless Pune
55) ID Kamble SP Wireless Pune to SP Wireless Nagpur
56) SM Paropkari Addl SP Solapur(R) to SP ACB Nanded

🚨📝 List 10/14
57) Raja Ramswami, Asst SP Morshi Amravati to Asst SP Chandur Railway Amravati
58) PM Chavan SDPO Akot Akola to SDPO Akola City
59) Praveen Mundhe Asst SP Akola to SDPO Peth Nasik(R)
60) Prakash Jadhav SP ACB Nagpur to Principal RPTS Khandala
61) Shirish Sardeshpande SP ACB Nanded to SP ACB Pune
62) D. Pradhan SP ACB

🚨📝List 11/14
63) Praveen Pawar SP ACB Nasik to DCP Mumbai
64) Md. Suvez Haque SP Palghar to SP Raigad
65) SH Mahawarkar SP Raigad to DC SID Mumbai
66) DT Shinde SP Force-1 Mumba to SP Sindhudurg
67) Sanjay Bawiskar SP Sindhudurg to SP Buldhana 
68)Lakhmi Gautam SP A’ngar to SP Amravati(R)
69) Akhilesh Singh SP Dhule to SP Yeotmal

🚨📝List 12/14
70) Sanjay Darade SP Yeotmal to Comdt. SRPF Gr-IV Nagpur
71) Ranjan Sharma Commd SRPF Gr-IV to DCP Nagpur
72) SH Patil DC SID Mumbai to SP Dhule
73) KA Kanse SP Bhandara to SP Hingoli
74) N Ambika SP Hingoli to DCP Nasik
75) DK Zalke SP Railways Nagpur to SP Bhandara
76) Anil Paraskar SP Wardha to SP Beed

🚨📝List 13/14
77) Naveenchandra Reddy SP Beed to SP A’bad(R)
78) Anil Kumbhare SP A’bad(R) to DCP Mumbai
79) Mahesh Ghurye DC SID Mumbai to SP Nandurbar
80) M Ramkumar SP Nandurbar to DCP Mumbai
81) Sudhir Hiremath Comdt SRPF Gr-I Pune to DCP Pune
82) Jay Jadhav Comdt SRPF Gr-II Pune to SP Pune(R)
83) Anant Rokade SP Parbhani to SP SAG Nagpur

🚨📝List 14/14
84) Ramnath Pokale SP Washim to SP CID Pune
85) Vikram Deshmane SP CID Pune to DCP Mumbai
86) Ankush Shinde Comdt. SRPF Gr-XI to DCP Mumbai
87) Nisar Tamboli, DCP Nasik to CDT SRPF Gr-XIV, A’bad

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